Benefits of VPS Hosting Solutions

Virtual Private Server or Virtual Dedicated Server are just part or partition of a dedicated server, its works like a dedicated server with limited RAM, CPU uses of a dedicated server. It’s nothing but a virtual dedicated server on the physical dedicated server. It gives you all the control of a dedicated server with the cost associated with a dedicated server.

If you compare a low-end dedicated server with a VPS hosting solution you will find a VPS a great alternative as it is cheaper yet gives you full functionality of a dedicated server and perfect for those who are looking for more than a shared hosting but affordable hosting solution. Our VPS are powered with SSD which are more faster than HDD and also safeguarded by an enterprise grade Storage Area Network (SAN) that provides data integrity in multiple ways. Our SSD server are 136 time faster than other HDD based Virtual Server. All of our VPS account also include a cPanel / WHM license for easy administration, it is perfect to start your own web hosting business!!