What is a Domain Name?

December 18th, 2017

We have many customers who confuse Domain Name with the website or other web services. Yes, they have connected closely yet very different thing.

domain name system

A domain name is your website name or web addresses, not the website itself. A domain is part of DNS which make it easy to remember the web address as it’s not easy for us to remember many IP addresses which are all numerical. It holds the actual address through DNS which is in fact, an IP address.

Let’s understand it with an example. Most probably you are used to with a mobile phone and might use it to call your wife or mom. What you do to call your wife or mom is just click on the contact which is saved as their name, you can also call her with the number but for human it’s easy to remember name so calling mom easy instead of any number. This same principle is used in DNS, domain name is easy to remember than an IP address.

Domain Names are registered by business and individuals and it keeps data of registrants as well. It is most important part of your website as it’s the proprietary name of your web business. As for example, you have a shop and you named it MyShop, with time you needed more space so you moved your shop to a new and better location but the name did not changes and people who want to find you can search through your name. It is same with website, your domain name is permanent, but your website or server is something you can change. Your brand value is associated with the name, not with the location, so give it importance, it is your intellectual property.

You can register a domain name and use it for your website or email account, or just keep to use in future. But you cannot create a website or email account with a domain. You have to register a domain first then you can use it for your website or email address.

Domain Name

With domain name hosted at a server, anyone who has internet access can access your website through your website by typing your domain name at address bar of browser. Domain name is very important for any business it is also the top level keyword in term of search engines. Domain relevancy with the website content is important, it is better to have a domain name relevant with your business.