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What to do if your domain name is expired?

There is an option to renew your domain automatically, it is the default setting for each and every domain which is registered with NetCraftIndia. The billing system creates invoice for the domain renewal and sends regular emails regarding your domain …

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How to register your own domain name?

With every passing year it is becoming more and more significant to have a online presence, not for only businesses or organizations but also for professionals like lawyers, doctors, writers etc. For your online presence you need domain name, website …

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What is Domain Name Registration?

Humans are more efficient to remember names than numbers, because of this humanly problem DNS (Domain Name System) has been introduced. It records all the IP address of a particular Domain Name and whenever someone tries to access the domain …

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What is a Domain Name?

We have many customers who confuse Domain Name with the website or other web services. Yes, they have connected closely yet very different thing. A domain name is your website name or web addresses, not the website itself. A domain …

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How to find a good domain name for my business?

It is very import to register a good keyword friendly domain name for your website/web presence. Domain name is the top level keywords of your website what is considered by every search engine and have first position with some important …

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