What is Domain Name Registration?

December 23rd, 2017

Humans are more efficient to remember names than numbers, because of this humanly problem DNS (Domain Name System) has been introduced. It records all the IP address of a particular Domain Name and whenever someone tries to access the domain through a browser it directs it to the particular web server which has been associated with it by DNS and pops up the data at the browser.

This new system becomes popular because humans can memorize more names and it is easy to make people promote their web addresses. With the evolution of DNS now we have registrars and registries who maintains DNS records as well as who is records of domain owners. ICANN is also there, which is a nonprofit organization which is responsible for coordination and maintenance of the databases related to the DNS. ICANN is responsible for the policies and accreditation body for new registry and registrars and also coordinates with countries for policy implementation.

Domain Name Registration

One domain name cannot be registered by two or more different registrant because all the data is maintained by centralized databases which are being maintained by registries. So if you are looking forward to registering a domain name, you need a unique domain name which is not registered by any individual or organization or government. Domain registration is simply reserving a domain name on the internet through a registrar, which charges you on yearly basis to maintain your DNS records. You can purchase this registration for 1 year or up to 10 years. As long as you renew the domain, the website name or domain remains yours, you have to renew it every year for certain period of time but you cannot buy it for forever.

Domain Name Registration is the first step toward having a website, email or other web services. Domain name is the most important asset for a website owner as it can be developed as a brand and once recognized, it becomes more valuable every passing day.

Domain Search

At first, we have limited number of domain extensions, but with evolution and popularity top-level domains are already registered and with time we get more extensions. Now almost all country have their own top-level domains like in India we have .in, .co.in etc. The most registered domain extension is .com almost 131 million .com is registered today.

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