What to do if your domain name is expired?

January 16th, 2018

There is an option to renew your domain automatically, it is the default setting for each and every domain which is registered with NetCraftIndia. The billing system creates invoice for the domain renewal and sends regular emails regarding your domain name expiration date.

Domain Life Cycle

If you fail to pay the invoice on time, the domain will get expired. In most of the cases, the domain name can be renewed within 30 days from the expiration but it varies with domain extensions. Due this period the domain can be renewed at same cost we charge for renewal.

After the first grace period domain can still be renewed by you (the domain owner), but the price will be higher, as it will be charged with domain restoration cost. Usually, in this period which is from 30 to 85 days of domain expiration, the will cost 10 fold higher the usual price.

This period is called the redemption period and to recover your domain name in this period you will need to contact our support.

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