FTP settings & help!

July 26th, 2013

This section will be dedicated to help you with FTP (File Transfer Protocol) . FTP is used to transfer or exchange of program, data,  and files across a network. All of our web hosting packages comes with FTP account and used to upload a website or your web application or any private data you want to put at our server.

It is the easiest way to transfer files between computers or between your personal home computer to our web servers utilizing TCP, transfer control protocol, internet protocol. These systems are used to perform upload and downloading task.

The following are the details you generally found at your welcome email we send you after setting up your web server. The FTP details are usually your control panel login details.

  • FTP Host / Address : (your ip address or domain name)
  • FTP User : (cPanel / FTP user name)
  • FTP Password : (cPanel / FTP password)
  • Port: 21 (Its default, can left unfilled)

The above details will get you to the root folder of your server and can be used to control any file or folder at your web server. If you are looking forward to give someone specific permission to some specific folder you can create a FTP user with permission specifically to the folder you want to.

You can use FTP to upload your website and get it online. You should upload your website data at sub folder named public_html. This is the folder which is available through HTTP protocol and all the data at this folder will be accessible to public.

Note :-

  • Always upload your website files and folders at public_html directory.
  • Upload your CGI script data at cgi-bin directory.

We recommend FileZilla, the free FTP solution can be downloaded and installed at your system from https://filezilla-project.org/

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