What is web hosting?

September 1st, 2018

Basically we need three services to start or run a website. We need Domain Name, Web Design / Developed and Web Hosting.

Domain names are simply the name which you need to get registered first, it is important as it gives your website a universal address.

Website Design and Development, gives you a good looking website which is supposed to be online on some remote computer with 24×7 high speed internet connections.

Web Hosting is the service which enables you to get your website on a server computer which makes it online and available to everyone who requests with your Domain name with a internet connections at their computer browser.

A web host or a web hosting company is the web hosting service provider. A good web hosting provides you with the best and fastest service, which needed by your website or webpage to perform well and faster. Websites are usually hosted at computers or cloud of computers, these computers are called servers.

We at Net Craft India help our customers to get their website online fast. Most of our hosting plans comes with a domain name as well.

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