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July 29th, 2013

Thanks for buying web hosting or registering a domain name at NetCraftIndia. You are reading this because most probably you are esteemed client at our company.

This article will let you know to get support from world class support staffs at NetCraftIndia. Even though we are maintaining a large number of knowledge base hosting help section at our website, which cover almost everything from domain name, shared hosting, VPS to Dedicated servers, yet we had created a support ticket system which will help us solve your problems & suggest your solutions.

You can generate support tickets by logging into the client area, with the details you already have at your “Welcome Email“. If you have forgot your details or lost the mail you can reset client area password.

Even though our support ticket section is fast enough to help you out, but we understand that there is always something that need faster assistance so we have chat support and also call support.

We advise you to use Chat support for speedy resolution. just click on the following link.

Start Chat

If you want us to assist you at call, just call us at +91-9899739900

All above details are quite enough to help you, but this section will not be able to help you with third party products as WordPress, Joomla plugins etc, you can post your query, question or problems at your projects at our Facebook Wall, we will try to help you with a solution.

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